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Thinking about the media influence on my life
John Locke from Lost aka my hero
Sometimes I think I get way too caught up in worldly things, you know? Like, for example, my shows. I'm pretty much addicted to "Lost" and watched the entire three-hour season premiere absolutely glued to the television, ignoring all other aspects of life. Of course the show is wonderful and the characters are interesting, but I think I make allowances for it that I shouldn't make. Normally, I avoid television because of the amount of sexuality and swearing that takes place. When I first started watching "Lost", first season, I did so because Dominic Monaghan, who played Merry from Lord of the Rings was in it. Then, I became hooked. The story was fascinating enough on its own that the writers didn't seem to need to add sex into it. Now, romantic relationships and even quick hook ups are a part of it. Not all characters take part, which is why I tolerate it. Claire and Charlie had a very sweet, innocent relationship, for example. Desmond was forever faithful to his lost girlfriend, Penny, and they hug and kiss but nothing has shown them rolling around in bed. Bernard and Rose are a beautiful example of marriage, coming together, compromising and being devoted to each other. But, some of the other couples...well, like Kate and Sawyer. They jump into bed without committment or any security that their relationship will last, and then she goes and does the same with Jack. I suppose I excuse it, mentally, because she seems to love both men sincerely and they seem to love her too, but it's all still casual sex without marriage. I've also tolerated the swearing because I tell myself it fits into the story line, that those characters who swear often do because it fits their personalities. I believe that's true, but it's also strange, right? I should keep my ears pure and not listen to swearing whether or not it "makes sense" as I tell myself.

The same is true of Harry Potter. My parents expressly forbade me to read those books because of the witchcraft content, but I did anyway. Then, I fell in love with the characters, which convinced me to keep reading as the new books came out. I even managed to talk my parents into seeing the first few movies, since I wasn't permitted to go by myself and most of my friends at the time were also churchgoing believers and didn't want to go. Of course the witchcraft is fictional. That doesn't bother me so much. It's the temptaton of looking within for all the answers and not relying on God. Plus, if something is so seductive that I'll disobey my parents in order to have it, that's wrong, isn't it? But I tell myself that they must not understand...

Just something to consider and keep in my prayers, I guess.

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Yeah I'm not a big fan of Kate just doing it with everyone on the island. Well, that's an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

Right, that's it exactly. Of course it doesn't spoil the show for me, or anything, but it's just not something I really support.

A couple of my friends are really into Lost so I've been thinking about buying the first season since they already have the other seasons. The reason I haven't ever watched it is because I have to go to bed before it comes on which sucks. So I guess now I really should go buy it?

Well, I think it's worth it, but of course, I'm biased. It's my favorite show for a number of different reasons. There is mystery, legend, action but not in excess, some of the romances are very sweet, but really it's the characters that get me. If you've never seen it before, check out and click the tv shows button. They have various episodes from lots of shows there. Watch a few episodes of Lost and see what you think. Then you won't waste money, if it turns out you're not a fan.

Thanks! I will check it out.

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